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Payment and shipping practices

Shopping process:

All Delta Panel Company’s products including all types of  sandwich panels, modular panels and accessories are fully customized and generated according to the sizes provided by the clients. Therefore, it is necessary to verify that the proforma which is created by the company is approved by the costumers.

After signing the contract, 50 % proforma is received. After completing the product order, the remaining amount will be received before the cargo is delivered. Both parties to the contract can reach an agreement on the details of the payment.

Ways of deliveries:

Factory delivery

After the final stages registration, all orders of the respected clients will be handed over to them from the factory in the industrial town of the construction materials ( Ayatollah Hashemi Rafsanjani ) or Sofian. After being notified about the appropriate vehicle for carrying goods in the sales office, customers can take action to order personally or they can request that the company take the necessary actions as their representative and ask other legal or valid transportation companies to do the delivery for them.
It has to be mentioned that the company will not take responsibility for the cost of transportation, and if the costumer select an inappropriate vehicle, because of the uploading situation with a crane, the company also won’t transport the good or cargo.