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Customer Service


There is a 7 day’s cargo exchange guarantee for especial clients.
Our company’s clients have 7 days to check the goods and make sure they work properly. If the purchased goods have a defect and not comply with the customer’s approved proforma, the company will switch the product for them. It is necessary to explain that due to the customization of products, in most cases no products will be available in the store, and they need to be produced according to our customer’s needs

Replacements necessities:

1. Clients must take necessary actions to notify us about the technical problems with the cargo within 7 days after s/he has received it.
2. The technical defects should be approved by our company’s experts.
3. Defects should not be caused by the buyer, and also the impact, or other problems should not be done to the good intentionally.
4. The Goods delivered according to the custom items should not be approved by proforma.
5. After completing the production, the cargo should have been delivered to the client within 10 days.

Procedures for return of goods

The relief and satisfaction of our customers have always been our priorities and our company tries to deliver every order in a way that customers desire and expect; however, the respected clients may face some issues. In such cases Panel Azar Delta’s company has provided after sales service system which we refer to it as follows.

Defects in goods purchased:

Because our customers need time to test the purchased goods, our company give them an opportunity to do so. Our clients have 7 days to notify us about any problems since they’ve received the goods.

For making this service better, we should be notified about the faults or defects via the office phone in Tabriz within 7 days.

Our experts check and control the flaws stated by the client. If a technical defect is confirmed by our company, the cargo will be reproduced.

Note: This service does not include defects caused by the misuse of the cargo or faults due to improper installation.

When the cargo position is specified in the after- sale service unit, if there is a need for refund, the money will be transferred to the customer’s account within 7 days.

Contradiction of purchased goods with website information:

In the case that there is a difference in the received cargo specifications with the order registered, or if there is a contradiction between the received cargo and the registered information in the  web site or the registered order in the customer’s profile, check out the following points:

In such cases, there is a possibility of exchanging or restoring of good on the condition that there is not any contradictions to the physical appearance or the color of the cargo which can be seen without using it. At least we should be notified within 1 day after you have received the good, and the good or cargo must be in its initial conditions without being used.

If there is a possibility of diagnosing a contradiction without opening the package, it is possible to consider the client’s request on the condition that the good has not been removed from its original state.

When the after-sales service unit receives the cargo and approve client’s request, if there is a need for refund, at most the money will be transferred to the customer’s account within 7 days.

Physical damages resulting from transportation:

Because of the safe and standard packaging process of all the goods and delivering them to transportation companies that the customers choose, the transportation company is responsible for any accidents or damages during transportation.

Order cancellation:

If the buyer withdraws his or her purchase prior to the commencement of the product production, he must inform the after -sales service unit about his cancellation at once. In this case, it’s possible for them to submit a refund request or change their order.
If after the commencement of the product production, the client withdraws from his purchase, due to the customization and cutting of the products on the basis of the project, it won’t be possible for them to take their good back or replace them with others.