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About Panel Azar Delta’s Company

درباره ما

Panel Azar Delta’s company began its activity since 2007 with the production of sandwich panels on an area of 16,000 sq. m. in the industrial town of the construction materials situated in the city of Sofian in the eastern region of Azerbaijan. This company with the development of its activities and along with the requirements which were needed in industry back then began producing all kinds of sandwich panels using modern devices and the latest technologies all automatic. The company also employed skilled and experienced managers and engineers. In addition to producing all types of sandwich panels and accessories, this company has also created a variety of HPL modular panels for using in clean room industry which is one of the essential requirements of the pharmaceutical industry, food and serum processing, laboratory and operating- room uses .This firm is currently capable of producing 4000 square meters of ceiling and wall panels. The production of sandwich panels with high quality, the utilization of the best materials, the customer satisfaction, providing services after delivery of goods and committing from the beginning of our activities have been among our interest to name some .satisfaction and trust of our customers are also our real asset.

In addition to being used throughout Iran by industrialists and civil complexes, Panel Azar Delta’ products are also exported to adjacent countries such as: Armenia, Azerbaijan, Turkmenistan and Iraq.

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